Welcome to all of you to visited my website: If you see anything that can help you and your ministry and other, please feel free to download and copy to use. Except don’t make a copy for sale for profit. Because this material only for ministry use and not for sale. I spent a lot of time to write these material to make it possible for everyone to use for ministry, not for the profit.    Yie, Zeuz Gueix-Zunh a’hneiv zipv mienh muoz dauh dauh bieqc yie nyei website biauv. Se gorngv meih mbuo mienh muoz haaix dauh maiv nqemh nor, mangc gaax buatc maaih haaix nyungc benx duqv longc weic zoux Tin-Hungh nyei gong nor, gunv download cuotv oc. Naaiv deix sou caux njaaux nyei jauv se weic oix bun mienh muoz longc zoux Tin-Hungh nyei gong, bun Tin-Hungh nyei Kuv Fienx jaangv cuotv. Maaih yietc diuc leiz se maiv oix bun mienh aamx fai (copy) daaih dorh mingh maaic nyaanh zoux saeng-eix nyei jauv.  Cuotv liuz naaiv, haaix dauh maiv nqemh longc nor gunv download cuotv fai aamx (copy) duqv nyei. Tov Tin-Hungh ceix fuqv bun meih mbuo dauh dauh longc caux doqc naaiv deix sou nyei mienh oc. Se gorngv maaih haaix nyungc oix naaic taux naaiv deix sou nyei jauv nor, tov fiev                                                       E-mail:gueixzunh@hotmail.com

Zeiz, Gueix-Zunh

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